Real time Feedback

No need to wait for the next 1-on-1 or development review.

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Give feedback in the moment

Never skip a beat - even with frequent 1-on-1s. Duuoo’s real time Feedback ensures that a manager stays connected with their employees throughout all projects.

Provide feedback on anything, at anytime.

You’ve got Feedback

Employees will be notified straightaway and can review the Feedback on their profile page.

Build a feedback culture

During 1-on-1s, all Feedback can be reviewed before beginning the meeting agenda. After discussing the Feedback together, make things actionable by creating Actions to make progress where it is needed.

Why Feedback?

Feedback is an important tool in encouraging continuous learning that drives better performance. Duuoo keeps track of all feedback received and given - a useful asset when preparing for performance reviews.

Here are some quick tips on feedback best practices:

Give feedback often - don’t wait!

Focuses on the mistakes or areas that need improvement now, not months ago.  

Keep it private

Especially with negative feedback, best to keep it between yourself and the employee at hand.

Be sensitive

Make sure to continuously observe an individual's behavior during a feedback session.

Ask questions to create an understanding

Asking questions will also shed light on the team innerworkings.

Focus on the future

Whether positive or negative feedback, it must something constructive.

5 Steps in Providing Truly Constructive Feedback

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