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Periodically look back on what was accomplished.

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Separate from your regular 1-on-1s, periodic development reviews start off with a thorough overview of completed Action items, given and received Feedback and achieved Goals.

This allows for a truly unbiased review as the focus is not kept to only the most recent events.

The GROW Model

When setting long-term personal and business goals to be achieved for the next period, Duuoo Development Reviews follow the GROW Model - asking to set short and clear Goals, to assess the Reality of them, to pin out the Obstacles and Options, and to set a Way forward and address the Will to do so.

Why Development Reviews?

It's important to allow for time to reflect on past performance - how is feedback handled? Are goals being achieved? Is support being provided where needed? And how do all these elements fit in with the values of the organization?

Let Duuoo Development Reviews provided the answers to these questions.

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“If you want to move out of the HR cave to a science-backed solution, Duuoo is a great choice. “

Jean Duraan, Director & Operations

“If you're doing 1-on-1s on your own it's easy to get stuck in the same tracks and talk about the same things week to week. Duuoo offers the opportunity to really deepen that conversation and the relationship between the managers and the employees.“

Olle Eliasson, Head of Talent Management

“I love using Duuoo. It makes me a better leader. I'm able to empower the team by engaging in a dialog.“

Jarek Owczarek, Founder & CPO

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