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“The combination of auto-scheduling and talking points just removes so much friction for the manager.”

Project from startup and university lands a grant from Innovation Fund

Duuoo, a Copenhagen software company, together with the Centre for Big Data at Roskilde University, have secured a grant from the Innovation Fund to use big data and machine learning to improve the work lives of employees everywhere.

Duuoo is on a mission to replace the annual performance review with ongoing dialogues supported by suggested Talking Points and Manager Guides

Duuoo's CEO, Magnus Stawiki Blak, sat down with Finans to discuss how the Covid-19 crisis and its implications have exposed the shortfalls of the traditional annual performance review, and how organizations can take a new approach going forward.

Danish business leaders are not ready for generation z

The level of leadership within Danish businesses is too poor, and a paradigm shift is needed, if leaders are to be ready for the employees of the future.

Danish business leaders are not ready for generation z

In this episode, I speak with Duuoo's CEO, Magnus Blak, about the kind of leadership demanded by Generation Z. Magnus recently wrote a piece for Danish newspaper Borsen titled: "Danish business leaders are not ready for gerneration z," in which he argued that a paradigm shift is needed if leaders are to be ready for the newest members of the workforce.

Good leadership is a partnership

Good leadership today is primarily about creating a continuous dialogue between managers and their team members. This not only ensures optimal collaboration, but also strengthens an organization's ability to attract and retain top talent.

We must adapt to the reality of the new generations

There has never been more focus on attracting top digital talent. But do we do enough to retain, motivate and develop this precious talent so that they don't leave once the honeymoon phase is over? I don't think so.

Talent Management & The Role of HR

Duuoo's CEO, Magnus Stawicki Blak, sits down with Tim B. Madsen of Somersaut for a discussion (in Danish) on the future of Talent Management and The Role of HR.

#1 Performance Management Software in 2019

The performance of employees plays a key role in the success of a company. It is indeed one of the prime factors that give a competitive edge to businesses, which is why organizations keep a close eye on their human resources.

Startup will transform corporate culture

The startup studio Founders, has hatched several startups with a focus on influencing "the Future of work." In March, they added another family member when launched their platform. The first three months have brought steady revenue growth and promising partnerships with prominent companies.

Danish startup wins international prize and enters partnership with Air France-KLM

Danish startup Duuoo, came away with a victory on Friday at this years VIVA Tech conference in Paris, where the comany was nominated in the 'Interactive people management' category along with 8 other starups from a field of 310 entrants.

The anatomy of great 1-on-1’s with Duuoo

We believe that managers need a modern tool to engage with their team. This is what Duuoo provides via our 1-on-1 platform where we help with the entire process, from planning and setting the agenda, to documenting outcomes and setting objectives.

Founders Invest in Improving 1-on-1’s Through

Dennis Green-Lieber is a product developer at Founders, a Copenhagen startup studio, and the co-founder of A veteran in the marketing technology space turned startup kid, he was previously Head of R&D at, where he grew the team from 2 to 50.

Duuoo helps improve your 1-on-1’s with your team

Our mission is to build a tool that will augment managers by facilitating human interaction at scale, providing managers with training and recommendations necessary to unlock the true value of each employee.
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