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Duuoo is launching a smart assistant to empower managers

  • Duuoo is a smart assistant that gives managers the tools and information they need to lead productive, engaged, motivated teams
  • The first tool from Duuoo focuses on 1-to-1 meetings and is designed to help managers build better relationships with individuals and understand the needs of their team
  • Duuoo has raised $1.1m funding to date from Founders

Copenhagen-based Duuoo is today officially launching a smart assistant designed to empower managers with the tools and information they need to lead productive, engaged and motivated teams.

The first tool from Duuoo is designed to guide managers through well-planned and productive 1-to-1 meetings with their team. Specifically, Duuoo automates logistics and documentation, easing up the prep work so that managers can focus on having relevant conversations, stay on top of agreements, and get a true picture of their individual team members’ needs.

“We are in a transformational stage in our relationship with work and the people we work with. That means the HR/Management software landscape is also ripe for massive disruption and new tools need to build on top of new demands from a new generation,“ says Duuoo founder and CEO Dennis Green-Lieber. 

“Today’s new workforce demands more autonomous applications and expects to use the same messaging behaviours they use with their friends as they do with their colleagues. That requires a new approach to managing people and that’s why we’re launching Duuoo. Annual reviews aren’t the answer any more.”

It’s not rocket science that low engagement means less productive teams, less profit and less loyalty. Keeping employees engaged is, however, a growing challenge for companies.

Two thirds of millennials hope to leave their jobs by 2020 and more than 25% expect to have six employers or more, compared with 10% in 2008. There’s more pressure than ever on companies to hold on to their best people.

“An estimated 50% of employees leave their manager not their job,” says Green-Lieber. “Today, the individual matters more than ever and that’s why we’re focusing on 1-to-1s first.”

About Duuoo

Duuoo was founded in 2015 by Dennis Green-Lieber inside Founders, a startup studio based in Copenhagen, which has invested $1.1m in the startup.

Working in numerous managerial roles Dennis became frustrated that tools for managers focused on employee surveys, training guides and high-level ‘people analytics’ but did nothing to help strengthen relationships and communications at the heart of the team itself. So he decided to build the solution himself.

Duuoo is now launching its full product globally after an initial launch last year. Duuoo has built a community of 400+ companies that are using the service to help develop the product.

About Founders

Founders is a startup studio based in Copenhagen focused on building SaaS tools for the Future of Work. Founders partners with entrepreneurs to take companies from zero to traction. Its portfolio includes Pleo, Duuoo, Dixie, Maguru, Son of a Tailor, Kontist (in Berlin) and tools including Lurchr and Walkie. Starting life in 2013, the Founders Family has grown to more than 70 people from 20+ nationalities.

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#disruptHR Part 12: The anatomy of great 1-on-1’s with Duuoo

Faye Holland, disruptHR lead blogger interviews CEO/Co-Founder, Dennis Green-Lieber to find out how Duuoo keeps traction and accountability about your team to ensure you have the most productive, engaged, and motivated team.

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Founders Invest in Improving 1-on-1’s Through 

Dennis Green-Lieber is a product/business developer at Founders, a startup studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark and the co-founder of Dennis is a veteran in the marketing technology space in the agency world and turned into a startup kid as Head of R&D at, where he grew the team from 2 to 50 over 2.5 yr with $23M investment.

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Duuoo helps improve your 1-on-1’s with your team

What is Duuoo and how did it start? Duuoo which gives managers the foundation they need to lead happy teams. It makes you a better manager by embracing real human connection.

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“The combination of auto-scheduling and talking points just removes so much friction for the manager.”
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