How To Become a Better Leader With 1-on-1s

Today we are used to a steady stream of information through social media, online news media, and smart apps, that help us engage with the world instantly and to be agile toward changes. This means the annual routine doesn’t make much sense anymore. 

The annual employee review - the time where your leader summons you to talk about your accomplishments the past year, evaluate your work, and plan your personal development for the year to come is out!

Instead we need regular meetings that improve team communication, identify fixable issues before they transform into big problems, and increase employee loyalty. It's time for ongoing and relevant feedback, and 1-on-1s are a perfect way to achieve that. 

This handbook introduces you to the craft of doing 1-on-1s by asking powerful and relevant questions. It contains background into the field and supplies you with 9 question decks that will get you started right away.

Simply put in your name and email below and a copy of the handbook will land in your inbox shortly.

  • 1 onboarding question deck

  • 4 monthly question decks

  • 4 biweekly question decks

Your smart 1-on-1 assistant

Want to get started on 1-on-1s? Duuoo is a smart assistant that automates the process for you as well as provides constructive Talking Points for each meeting.

Learn more about us in this video or check out or product here.

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