Insights, Tips and Tools for First Time Managers

Social media, online news, video and mobile games...the list goes on and on. How does a manager gain the attention of employees who are almost continuously attached to their screens? As daunting as it may seem, people still appreciate and prefer human 1-on-1 interaction, feedback and communication, particularly in the workplace.

This handbook introduces the qualities of the manager of the future - one who can leverage these new platforms, technologies and ideas in order to stay relevant as a leader in the 21st Century. It contains a shortlist of 8 areas that are essential for the future manager to consider and discusses the shift of the centre of gravity being held by the company to being held by the individual because of these advances in technology.

If you’re a new manager, this handbook is a must a read. Don’t be stuck in the past, move forward!

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  • 8 essential management areas

  • Useful app lists

Your smart 1-on-1 assistant

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