We’re on a mission to shape the future of work for the better!

Our mission at Duuoo is to empower organizations to become people-first workplaces. Employees increasingly demand to be seen and recognized by their manager, and expect their job to be a series of meaningful experiences. And rightly so. In an age where many of us spend over half our waking hours at work, it's only reasonable to want more than just a paycheck; we want purpose.

The foundation of a good work-life is that all employees have safe, secure and meaningful work with equal rights and access regardless of gender-identification, religion, age and looks. In Duuoo we are working internally and externally to promote dialogue & democracy, openness & transparency, and equality & diversity. We also aim to foster a positive work environment, both physical and mental, as no one should become ill from going to work. One of the methods to ensure a focus on a sustainable work-life balance is the continuous team and 1-on-1 dialogues. This is why we, also internally, prioritize the ongoing dialogues that ensures well-being, development and a meaningful job.

Real impact is made with the right tools, the right behavior and the right knowledge. So that’s where we focus our efforts: providing the manager toolbox to give every employee the experience they deserve and educate managers on how to implement best practices.

Want to join us on our journey?

We’re an international team, located in the center of Copenhagen. If you'd like to join our team, check out if we have any open positions.

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