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Time Wasted on Admin

An automated process

Out with those cumbersome templates and chasing people to fill them out. Say hello to an automated process that’s simple and enjoyable.

Annual appraisals

Frequent touchpoints

We don’t work in annual cycles anymore, and neither should our reviews. Goals are so often outdated before the end of the year, so let's set and iterate them as often as needed.

snapshot reviews

Reviews informed by history

Reviews shouldn't be a snapshot of just one moment in time, they should represent the entire period of review. Having progress of 1-on-1s, actions, goals and feedback readily at hand makes it easy to conduct transparent and fair reviews.

Scattered documents

All results in one place

Your teams' performance shouldn’t be a black box. Get a real-time view of how your people are doing.

“I spend only very little time now on managing Individual Development Plans as Duuoo has released most of that”
Frederik Mejlby
Global Marketing Director
  • Duuoo is fully GDPR compliant and undergoes an annual ISAE 3000 audit (comparable to the US equivalent SOC2, regarding privacy). The external audit is carried out by BDO, internationally recognized for their professional and thorough work. Furthermore, Duuoo delivers its services to some of the largest financial institutions in the Nordics and thereby complies with the most stringent of data security and privacy standards.

We take care of your data and are GDPR compliant.

“If you look at the future as a company, you have to organize differently. You have to make the employees take more responsibilities to be engaged in their work.”
Helen Berg
- People & Culture, KAN
"Ledelse stiller meget større krav til tilstedeværelse end for blot 3 år siden - Duuoo er et værktøj der kan understøtte denne tilstedeværelse.” 
Finn Hansen
HR Direktør
“I spend only very little time now on managing Individual Development Plans as Duuoo has released most of that.”
Frederik Mejlby
Global Marketing Director
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