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We spend anywhere from 35 - 50% of our working day in meetings, but is that time always well-spent? Duuoo Teams is designed to help you and your team run highly effective meetings that lead to actionable results. It provides the framework and content for team meetings of all kinds, giving you a powerful collaboration tool that keeps everyone on the same page, no matter where they’re sitting.

Great habits, greater meetings
A shared agenda and notes keep everyone on the same page, while suggested content ensures the essential topics get discussed. Set goals, share stories, give praise, float ideas and finish with concrete, actionable plans.

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Diverse meeting tracks, types, and cadences provide the right content and questions for the topics you need. Whether planning a project, starting a sprint, or projecting sales, Duuoo provides you with the templates for great quality and enjoyable meetings that lead to actionable outcomes. Ill-prepared meetings cost the time, money, and goodwill of your team, but clear agendas sent out in advance, ensure everyone is coming to the table ready to talk.

Even when you’re not
Whether you’re on-site, working remote, or a mix of both, Duuoo Teams supports high quality meetings. Collaborative at the core, it helps you foster the sense of inclusion and shared responsibility that’s essential to high-performing teams and ensures everyone has the chance to contribute.

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The huge increase in remote working and the greater focus on inclusion were the inspiration behind Duuoo Teams. Being truly people-centric means ensuring everyone is free to have their say, be heard, recognized, and have their input valued. These are the core themes behind the collaborative approach to Duuoo Teams. The vast majority of us don’t work as singular units, but as parts of a larger whole, as part of a team. Meeting as a team is a crucial part of aligning, cohesive working, and maintaining the social aspect of working together.

Clarity ennables performance
Meetings with tangible outcomes and clear purpose, where everyone agrees on the goal and the path to get there. Duuoo Teams ensures all participants have a clear understanding of agreed actions, who is responsible and what the deadlines are.

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Meetings with purpose are key to a harmonious workforce; we’re all familiar with the ‘meeting that could have been an email’. Duuoo Teams ensures goals and agreements are formally documented, assigned, and tracked, so things actually get done. And with the ability to set and track collaborative Team Goals, Team meetings encourage ownership and responsibility for aims and achievements.

Responsibility & accountability
A comprehensive timeline of every meeting, complete with a record of agreements and goals, accessible by all participants fosters a culture of accountability and encourages responsibility

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Maintaining a high level of transparency among team members is paramount to effective collaboration: it not only ensures alignment, but also encourages a culture in which everyone is held accountable for their agreements, deadlines and ultimately, their work. Moreover, transparency lays the foundation for trust - absolutely essential and a common trait shared by the highest performing teams.

Everything you get with Duuoo...

One-on-one meetings

1-on-1 meetings with Duuoo mean less admin and more time to focus on what’s important.

Team Meetings

Discuss, align, plan and track progress toward objectives as a team.

Science-backed talking points

Leverage Duuoo’s extensive question bank to drive meaningful conversations.

Custom talking points

Create and save your own custom question banks.

Covid Re-Onboarding

Transitioning back to the office after an extended period of working remotely can be tricky, Duuoo can help.


Get your new employees off to the best possible start.


Turn your departing employees into company ambassadors with a smooth and productive offboarding.

Personal development goals

Bridge the gap between work life and private life in a purposeful way.

Business goals

Set and track goals & OKRs in real-time.

Team goals

Put individual goals in perspective and align objectives.

Ad-hoc feedback

Give and request feedback from anyone at anytime.

360° feedback

Use customizable templates to collect feedback from multiple people at once.

Analytics & reporting

Activity metrics provide insight into how your teams are doing.

Calendar integration

Send out calendar invites and see availability directly from within Duuoo.

Email integration

Helpful notifications and reminders delivered right to your inbox.

Slack integration

Get all your Duuoo notifications through Slack.

Single sign-on

Secure access management for large organizations.

And more to come

We’re always working hard to bring new features to Duuoo.

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