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Less preparation time, better meetings, actionable results.

Managing a team consists more of delegating daily tasks. Duuoo eliminates the hassle of knowing how and when to discuss certain topics, in addition to providing leadership guidance for developing your team.

A set agenda to take out the guesswork & the flexibility to adjust to your team

  • Ready-made Talking Points that simplify and reduce the preparation process.
  • Assistance in covering important topics that often get overlooked.
  • Rearrange, edit or add your own Talking Points to shape the meeting you want to have.

Create Actions that cultivate an environment of autonomy & responsibility

  • Build trust and promote accountability for both you and your team.
  • Do more than just talk - inspire action.
  • Set milestones, encourage progress and acknowledge accomplishments.

Work with Goals continuously

  • Set goals collaboratively during 1-on-1s
  • Be result-driven with action items and due dates
  • Get prompted to discuss goal relevance continuously in your 1-on-1s

Give Feedback in the moment & discuss it when you have the time.

  • Don't bulk up feedback, give it in real time.
  • Close the feedback loop: get prompted to discuss feedback in your upcoming 1-on-1.
  • Build up a record over time to remove bias from periodical reviews.

Where Education & Execution intersect

  • Bite-sized insights about every conversation topic.
  • Follow-up questions to provide context and the confidence to dig deeper.
  • Duuoo Academy for tailored, in-depth learning (Coming Soon!).

A one-stop interactive hub.

  • View what's going in with your entire team.
  • Never lose sight of your Action plans.
  • See a complete interaction history with employee timelines.

Duuoo's Features


Ongoing check-in conversations with structured talking points and manager insights.

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Build a feedback culture by sharing praise or constructive criticism in the moment.

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Team Goals

Keep goals aligned between individuals, the team and the organization.

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Development Plans

Ensure that an employee’s long-term development is moving in the right direction.

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Development Reviews

Take the time to reflect on past performance and prepare for the future.

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Your very own leadership course - tailored to you, your team and your organization.

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Happy Customers with successful teams

“If you want to move out of the HR cave to a science-backed solution, Duuoo is a great choice. “

Jean Duraan, Director & Operations

“If you're doing 1-on-1s on your own it's easy to get stuck in the same tracks and talk about the same things week to week. Duuoo offers the opportunity to really deepen that conversation and the relationship between the managers and the employees.“

Olle Eliasson, Head of Talent Management

“I love using Duuoo. It makes me a better leader. I'm able to empower the team by engaging in a dialog.“

Jarek Owczarek, Founder & CPO

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