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Feedback, Goals and Individual Development Plans

A simple but powerful experience that allows you to actively participate in your own business and personal development.

Say what’s on your mind

  • Prepare for your 1-on-1s by reviewing and filling in the Talking Points in the upcoming agenda. This is your opportunity to have an open discussion with your manager.
  • Address concerns you may have or desires to learn something new.
  • Build an open and honest relationship with your manager.

Receive Feedback

  • Use the Feedback you receive from your manager as a valuable asset when discussing future project and goals.
  • Return the favor: provide your manager and peers with real time feedback as well.
  • 360° Feedback allows for all around more team collaboration and understanding.

Follow-up & stay on track with your Goals

  • Have control over your projects and progression by collaboratively setting goals during your 1-on-1 meetings.
  • Actively see yourself achieving each personal development or business goals.
  • Become more autonomous in your work and more aware of what you need to work on.

Duuoo's Features


Ongoing check-in conversations with structured talking points and manager insights.

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Build a feedback culture by sharing praise or constructive criticism in the moment.

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Team Goals

Keep goals aligned between individuals, the team and the organization.

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Development Plans

Ensure that an employee’s long-term development is moving in the right direction.

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Development Reviews

Take the time to reflect on past performance and prepare for the future.

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Your very own leadership course - tailored to you, your team and your organization.

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Happy Customers with successful teams

“If you want to move out of the HR cave to a science-backed solution, Duuoo is a great choice. “

Jean Duraan, Director & Operations

“If you're doing 1-on-1s on your own it's easy to get stuck in the same tracks and talk about the same things week to week. Duuoo offers the opportunity to really deepen that conversation and the relationship between the managers and the employees.“

Olle Eliasson, Head of Talent Management

“I love using Duuoo. It makes me a better leader. I'm able to empower the team by engaging in a dialog.“

Jarek Owczarek, Founder & CPO

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