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Getting started with Duuoo is fast and easy - after the signup and creation of a team you are more or less good to go. There is no additional preparation for you as a manager, when starting with Duuoo.

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Smart Talking Points

Duuoo’s Conversation Engine suggests meeting topics based on each individual team member.

Manager insights

Each Talking Point comes with insights & follow-up questions - great for beginning managers.


Create a culture of accountability with our automatic follow-up on agreements.

Weekly digest

A weekly update of upcoming meetings, open agreements and practicalities that need your attention.

Calendar integration

Stop spending time on scheduling - when you integrate your calendar, we’ll do it for you.

Slack integration

Our Slack integration allows easy setup and a good fit with your workflow.

Custom Talking Points

Not happy with Duuoo’s suggestion? Pick another Talking Point or add your own.

  • Smart Talking Points

  • Manager insights
  • Custom Talking Points
  • Slack integration
  • Agreements
  • Calendar integration
  • Weekly digest