Ongoing 1-on-1s

More than just a status meeting.

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Hit the sweet spot by asking the right question

Before every meeting, review the Talking Points that Duuoo has generated for you - ask the right question, at the right time.

Duuoo will notify your employee when it's time for them to fill out the Talking Points in preparation for their upcoming 1-on-1.

Break down barriers

During the meeting, discuss each of the Talking Points openly to give and receive feedback, build a relationship with your employee, and ultimately, build team loyalty.

Manager Insights are provided to help guide the discussion to an even deeper level.

Create Actions based on the topics discussed in the 1-on-1 together

1-on-1s are the perfect mechanism to identify fixable issues early on.

Collaboratively set Actions in order to move in the right direction. Actions are recorded in Duuoo, so it’s easy to ensure that all are followed up on.

Customize cadence

Integrate your calendar and let Duuoo take care of the rest.

Before the end of each 1-on-1, a next meeting date will be suggested to you. Once the date is confirmed, your employee will be notified.

Both the manager and employee can reschedule a meeting if necessary.

Why 1-on-1s?

Having regular 1-on-1s builds good habits of discussing feedback, goals and progress. With Duuoo’s Conversation Engine, nothing goes uncovered with its Six Universal Themes that get you around to what really matters:

1. Personal Development & Self-Actualization

Ensure there is a balance between job autonomy and job control - allow freedom but also provide direction.

2. Motivations & Inspiration

Motivation is highly individual. Understand what is important to each of your team members.

3. Feedback & Learnings

Having a culture of frequent feedback enables you and your team to be agile and innovative.

4. Collaboration & Relations

Culture is augmented by everyone. Understand how each individual is contributing.

5. Work-life Balance & Well-being

Avoid an increase in sick leave, as well as a decline in efficiency and productivity.

6. Work Structure, Alignment & Performance

Discussing these themes enables reflection and development of ambitions.  

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