Your life - Your development: A concept for personal development

People in growth create companies in growth. That is the heart of the concept Your life - Your development; a coaching course for companies that wish to put well-being and personal development on the agenda

Through the past few years, personal and work life has been getting more difficult to separate. This has implications for both management and employees. As a manager and employee, we are aware of the business goals that we are working towards - they are concrete and easy to understand.

But when it comes to personal goals, it is not as simple. Good personal goals are not just about becoming a better employee for the company - they are about becoming a better version of yourself in all aspects of life.

If personal development is to be utilized as much as possible, both at work and in private, it takes a manager who can challenge and coach the individual employee. To attain a close and trusting relationship between manager and employee has never been easy, and with an increasing amount of remote work, it has not become easier.

Personal development is an essential part of creating a company in growth. In a nutshell, people in growth create companies in growth.

Your life - Your development

The concept Your life - Your development helps companies and employees get started with personal development.

Sustainable development is individual both to your company and the individual employee. The concept takes departure in a holistic view of humans and the main aspects of the day: Your work life, your private life, yourself, and your sleep.

1. Your work life

Work-life is about the job for which the manager or employee is responsible. What and how is it measured? How do you ensure that plans and goals are attained? How do you ensure sustainable skill development - professional as well as personal?

An employee or manager model makes sure that you have the full overview, all with the purpose of creating even better results for the individual - personally as well as professionally.

2. Your private life

Depending on where you are in the main phases of life, the subjects under private life give an opportunity to stop and evaluate if the available time is used optimally. It can be about family, friends, interests, personal hopes, or dreams.

3. Yourself

The subject Yourself is about your interests and how you ensure that the employee and manager take time to recover and recharge their batteries after work. Very few people can complete a marathon every single day.

Lifestyle, hereunder stress control, and life views, which typically are reflected in the employee's behavior, will also be covered.

To get a good overview of your health and prevent lifestyle diseases, you can read about the KRAMS-factors here.

4. Your sleep

We use around a third of our life on sleep, and depending on age, everyone needs a certain number of hours.

Sleep has a major influence on our health, concentration, behavior, and opinions.

How it works

Your life - your development is about creating a shared experience that gives the opportunity to talk about more personal subjects. Through an arranged program, the learning process and development are initiated.

The sessions will typically start with the manager, and the optimal size of a team is 8-10 people. Hereafter the employee is invited in reference to the manager for a shared presentation of the areas of personal development. Subsequently, the employee and manager share a dialogue about possible areas for personal development.

Your life - your development is a learning process arranged by an external consultant who works closely with your HR department and/or top management in order to arrange a course that fits your organizations' needs and culture.

Create an attractive organizational culture

Managers and employees who work with their own personal development perform better, become more motivated, and increase the value of their resumes. Create an organizational culture that puts emphasis on personal growth and well-being, then you will have happier employees, better results, and the ability to attain and retain top talent.

Your life - Your development is supported by Duuoo's Skills module and can, therefore, easily be integrated with the daily use of Duuoo. If you are not already using Duuoo, click here to learn more.

If you are interested in hearing more about the coaching concept Your life - Your development, you can contact Finn Hansen on LinkedIn or telephone +45 29202670.

About the writer

Finn Hansen
Finn has, in addition to his education in business, management, and HR from London Business School, 15 years of experience as the HR director of Arbejdernes Landsbank.

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