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Take agency over your professional growth and development by taking part in a collaborative process with your manager.

Get Feedback
Continuous interaction with your manager means that you’re always heard, supported and coached.
Set Goals
With Duuoo you can set and work on business and personal development goals continuously throughout the year.
Continuous Development
Receive support and empowerment to shape your professional journey and take agency over your growth.
Lead your team to success

Be supplied with the tools, content and support that make leading your team less time consuming and more rewarding.

Management Support
Less preparation time, higher quality and actionable results to take your team forward.
High-Performing Team
Success relies on the performance of the team. Set and align ongoing goals to excel.
Constant Progress
Invest in your team’s development with real-time feedback and continuous conversations throughout the year.
A strategic overview

Equip your managers with the tools they need to run productive teams while gaining the insight you need to make more informed management decisions.

Agile Teams
Implement a continuous performance management process tailored to your company needs.
Data-Driven Decisions
Get unique and powerful insights on your management teams and correct issues before they become problems.
Empower Change
Leverage the power of our agile infrastructure to initiate change at the team, group and organizational level.
Smart Topics and Questions

A bank of 1-on-1 questions  based in coaching psychology.

Create and Track Goals

Create a culture of accountability with continuous goals and agreements.

Real-time Feedback

Give and receive feedback in real-time to support an ongoing dialogue.

Annual Meeting Cycle Design

Design your company’s annual review cycle to fit your team needs.

Benchmark Reports

Get insight into manager performance and make more-informed decisions.

Calendar and Slack integration

Our integrations mean Duuoo fits seamlessly into your workflow.

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