Continuous Performance Management for Today's Remote Teams

Maintaining healthy levels of communication and engagement during uncertain times is challenging, especially when working remote — luckily we’ve solved that.

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Establishing structured regular check-ins is Harvard Business Review’s top recommendation in their guidance on managing remote workers and is essential in supporting their mental health. A quick email to check in simply isn’t enough. Remote working is here to stay, and Duuoo is here to optimize every step of remote leadership.

Stay Aligned
Meetings of all kinds
Use Duuoo’s extensive, science-backed question bank and meeting templates to drive meaningful 1-on-1 and team conversations.
Real-time Feedback
Give and request real-time feedback from anyone in your organization.
Track Progress
Goals and OKRs
Create and track individual and team goals, and update them on the fly. Greater transparency and more accountability builds trust between teams and their leaders.
Fits seemlessly into your workflow
Duuoo has integrations with Slack, calendar, and more to organize meetings, automate workflows and make your life easier.
Everything you get with Duuoo...

One-on-one meetings

1-on-1 meetings with Duuoo mean less admin and more time to focus on what’s important.

Team Meetings

Discuss, align, plan and track progress toward objectives as a team.

Science-backed talking points

Leverage Duuoo’s extensive question bank to drive meaningful conversations.

Custom talking points

Create and save your own custom question banks.

Covid Re-Onboarding

Transitioning back to the office after an extended period of working remotely can be tricky, Duuoo can help.


Get your new employees off to the best possible start.


Turn your departing employees into company ambassadors with a smooth and productive offboarding.

Personal development goals

Bridge the gap between work life and private life in a purposeful way.

Business goals

Set and track goals & OKRs in real-time.

Team goals

Put individual goals in perspective and align objectives.

Ad-hoc feedback

Give and request feedback from anyone at anytime.

360° feedback

Use customizable templates to collect feedback from multiple people at once.

Analytics & reporting

Activity metrics provide insight into how your teams are doing.

Calendar integration

Send out calendar invites and see availability directly from within Duuoo.

Email integration

Helpful notifications and reminders delivered right to your inbox.

Slack integration

Get all your Duuoo notifications through Slack.

Single sign-on

Secure access management for large organizations.

And more to come

We’re always working hard to bring new features to Duuoo.

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