A Complete Performance Development Cycle

A modern approach to performance appraisals designed to make objective reviews easy and enjoyable.

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A Digitalized Process
Ditch the paperwork and cumbersome templates. Duuoo provides a simple and modern approach with easily accessed records of past meetings, notes, feedback and goals, all in one place. Duuoo’s science-backed question bank provides the inspiration for great conversations.
Automated & Integrated
Duuoo takes care of the admin with Calendar, email and Slack integrations. Helpful reminders and notifications mean no more missed meetings and Single Sign on means fewer passwords and easy access.
Adaptable & Agile
Choose from a variety of pre-built meeting templates and cycles or customize your own. Add your own talking points or use the question bank- Duuoo provides as much or as little content as you need. Whether ongoing coaching or tracking a short-term project, you have the flexibility to choose the right tracks for your teams
Transparent & Fair
A comprehensive timeline of every meeting, complete with a record of agreements and goals, accessible by all participants fosters a culture of accountability and encourages responsibility
Everything you get with Duuoo...

1-on-1 meetings

1-on-1 meetings with Duuoo mean less admin and more time to focus on what’s important.

Team Meetings

Team meetings, goals, and feedback supports the network-based organization.

Science-backed talking points

Leverage Duuoo’s extensive question bank to drive meaningful conversations.

Custom talking points

Create a question bank unique to your organization and mix with Duuoo's Talking Points.

Meeting notes in one place

Notes and summaries are captured during meetings, saved automatically, and require no administrative time.

Business Goals

Create and track goals, actions, efforts, and OKRs in real-time.

Team Goals

Align individual efforts with team and business goals.

Skills & development

Map out, document, and plan employee and manager skills.

Succession planning

Determine which profiles and skill-sets your organization needs and develop your employees in that direction.

Pulse survey

Keep track of your employees' well-being, development, and motivation.


Duuoo supports your employees through the onboarding phase and ensures higher onboarding success.


Make sure your employees leave your organization as valuable ambassadors for your brand.

360° feedback

Use customizable templates to collect feedback from multiple people at once.

Bank-grade security

SSL everywhere and fully GDPR compliant.

Calendar integration

Send out calendar invites and see availability directly from within Duuoo.

Email integration

Helpful notifications and reminders delivered right to your inbox.

Analytics & reporting

Activity metrics provide insight into how your teams are doing.

Single sign-on

Secure access management for large organizations.

Automatic data sync

Data integration ensures automatic transfers, admission of new employees, layoffs etc.

And more to come...

We’re always working hard to bring new features to Duuoo.

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Bank-grade security
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