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1-on-1 meetings with Duuoo mean less admin and more time to focus on what’s important:
the conversation.

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The 1-on-1 conversation is at the core of the manager-employee relationship. And with managers accounting for 70% of the variance in employee engagement, these conversations are arguably the most important element of any employee engagement strategy. Get them right, with Duuoo.

Never be lost for words
Duuoo’s Talking Point bank gives you the framework to spark meaningful conversations, with Manager Insights to explain the science behind the process -  the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.

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Inspired by Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs, and mastered by experts in their field, Duuoo’s ever-growing & evolving Talking Point bank is the core of your 1-on-1s.  Asking the right questions is key to building trust, gaining knowledge, and ensuring a good-quality conversation, so Duuoo has collated them for you, each one supplemented with three relevant Follow-up Questions. Organized into our Six Themes of Employee Engagement, Duuoo’s Talking Points ensure your leaders are never lost for what to say, and your team is engaged and aligned. Even better, powerful organization tools allow you to create and curate your own content library and implement customized meeting tracks, meaning you can shape the conversational framework that best fits your teams’ way of working and supports your strategies.

The right conversations at the right time
With Duuoo’s range of pre-built meeting types and the power to customize your own, you can always find the right track for your team.

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From Project check-ins, to development reviews, to coaching 1-on-1s and many more - Duuoo has the content you need, and gives you the flexibility to choose the frequency that fits the way you work. Duuoo comes equipped with a variety of Meeting Tracks, both for 1-on-1 conversations and team meetings. These meeting tracks are made up of different meeting templates, specifically designed to facilitate those important ongoing dialogues that support your teams’ objectives and keep everyone aligned and on the same page. And because Meeting Tracks are team-specific, every one of your teams can choose the track that fits the way they work. Coupled with the fact that users can be members of multiple teams at once, and in different capacities, Duuoo provides you with ultimate flexibility.

1-on-1, 50/50, easier than ever
Meeting agendas can be edited, organization-specific talking points included and Goals and Agreements created and tracked, making collaborating with your team easier than ever.

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A 1-on-1 should always be collaborative, so Duuoo incorporates this directly into the process. Before each 1-on-1 meeting, the leader will be prompted to assess (and edit, if they wish) the proposed meeting agenda. Each of Duuoo’s Talking Points can be exchanged for a Custom Talking Point, to address a specific topic, or an organization-exclusive Strategic Talking Point, added by administrators (such as an HR leader). The agenda is shared with the participants beforehand to allow for adequate preparation, notes, and the addition of any extra important topics. From start to finish, a tailored conversation, created together.

Let Duuoo handle the admin
Duuoo automatically schedules meetings based on free spots in participants’ schedules, sends out calendar invites and prompts preparation for upcoming meetings. Think of it as your personal meeting assistant.

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Duuoo’s integrations with all major calendar and email clients, means the hard work of scheduling, (and reminding) is all done automatically and securely online. Duuoo also integrates with Slack, for even more convenient digital notifications. Gone are the days of chasing for completed word documents, excel sheets or loose paper templates. Duuoo keeps everything safe and on-track and most importantly, saves you and your team time.

Everything you get with Duuoo...

1-on-1 meetings

1-on-1 meetings with Duuoo mean less admin and more time to focus on what’s important.

Team Meetings

Team meetings, goals, and feedback supports the network-based organization.

Science-backed Talking Points

Leverage Duuoo’s extensive Question Bank to drive meaningful conversations.

Custom talking points

Create a question bank unique to your organization and mix with Duuoo's Talking Points.

Meeting notes in one place

Notes and summaries are captured during meetings, saved automatically, and require no administrative time.

Business Goals

Create and track goals, actions, efforts, and OKRs in real-time.

Team Goals

Align individual efforts with team and business goals.

Skills & development

Map out, document, and plan employee and manager skills.

Succession planning

Determine which profiles and skill-sets your organization needs and develop your employees in that direction.

Pulse survey

Keep track of your employees' well-being, development, and motivation.


Duuoo supports your employees through the onboarding phase and ensures higher onboarding success.


Make sure your employees leave your organization as valuable ambassadors for your brand.

360° feedback

Set and track goals & OKRs in real-time.

Bank-grade security

SSL everywhere and fully GDPR compliant.

Calendar integration

Send out calendar invites and see availability directly from within Duuoo.

Email integration

Helpful notifications and reminders delivered right to your inbox.

Analytics & reporting

Activity metrics provide insight into how your teams are doing.

Single sign-on

Secure access management for large organizations.

Automatic data sync

Data integration ensures automatic transfers, admission of new employees, layoffs etc.

And more to come...

We’re always working hard to bring new features to Duuoo.

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